Shipping returns

RECEIVING AND RETURNS. You agree to have a manager or authorized, pre-designated receiver (“Receiver”) available during the delivery window to receive each Steeper’s Only delivery. The Receiver must inspect the product delivered and sign the accompanying invoice at the time of each delivery unless the Parties have pre-arranged for an unsigned drop-off delivery. We are committed to the best quality product. If for any reason the product arrives damaged or does not match the items ordered, the damaged/incorrect item(s) must be returned at the time of delivery and the invoice marked accordingly prior to the Receiver signing the invoice. Once an invoice is signed, the delivered items cannot be returned. If a Receiver is not available to receive the delivery, Steeper’s Only will return the ordered products to its kitchen or warehouse. There will be an additional 25% charged to the total order, which will be delivered the following business day. 

Need help?

Contact us at for questions related to refunds and returns.