What To Drink When Feeling Stressed Out!

May is mental health awareness month, so today we want to share a tip for taking care of your mind and body when feeling stressed. Recently, while feeling the weight that can be associated with growing a tea company from the ground up, I found myself under a bit stressed. I decided to steep a cup of Mint Green Tea tea, and as I waited for the cup to cool down, the warmth of it ignited a sense of calm over me. Then, as I drank it, I felt the ability to rationalize more clearly.

There is research to support that a warm cup of tea can aid with anxiety, especially teas from the camelia sinensis plant which contain L-theanine. The research suggests that L-theanine is a chemical that aids with anxiety and overall well-being. Green tea is a great example of a tea from the camelia sinensis family. We offer green tea with mint. Mint is mentioned in the article as an herb that promotes relaxation.

Prepare it the Steepers Only Way:

At Steepers Only, we offer two options for green tea. There is the Mint Green Tea Lemonade and Mint Green Tea. The video below shows a new tea ritual created by Steepers Only. The tea featured is our Ginger Turmeric Lemonade, yet the process is the same for making our Green Tea Lemonade. With the addition of dehydrated lemon juice this tea becomes fortified with vitamin C and a good source of fiber.

Ready to get some stress relief?

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