Dry January: A Tea Lover’s Guide

Dry January

Hello Steepers! As a new year rolls in, many of us are participating in Dry January, a month dedicated to abstaining from alcohol. Sobriety doesn’t mean a month of missing out. Instead, let’s dive into ways that tea can be a delightful alternative this month.

Exploring Herbal Blends: Dry January is the perfect time to explore herbal teas. With no caffeine and a wide range of flavors, these blends can be a delightful evening treat. Some of our herbal blends include hibiscus apple cinnamon and ginger turmeric teas.

Tea as a Ritual: Establish a new ritual with tea. Grab your favorite tea, boil a pot of water, and steep the tea while being relaxed and mindful of each step.

Health Benefits: Many teas, especially green and herbal ones, are packed with antioxidants and health benefits, making them a great choice for a healthy start to a new year.

Tea Tasting Parties: Host a tea tasting party! It’s a fun way to socialize and explore different teas with friends as an alcohol alternative during the month of January. Check out our selection of Steepers Only teas for your tasting.

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Happy steeping!

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