Weekend Refresher | Shaken Lime Iced-Tea

Want to impress your guests this weekend? This mouthwatering minty homemade iced-tea will do just that.

This 4 ingredient recipe is easy to make and deeply-satisfying on a hot summer day. You will need fresh mint (I used peppermint), limes, black tea, and of course…ice.

Since we are adding ice, the prep time for this tea recipe is pretty quick.


  • 6 Cups of water
  • One large lime peeled
  • 4 bags of mint tea
  • 1/2 C sugar (add sugar to taste)
  • Ice


  • Add water to a medium or large saucepan. Heat until boiling
  • Add the tea bags and steep for 7-10 minutes
  • Peel Lime and blend in a Nutribullet, blender or food processor
  • Use a strainer to remove pulp and fibers
  • Mix sugar and lime juice into the tea
  • In a cup, add 2-3 pieces of mint and ice
  • Pour the tea into the cup, stir and enjoy
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