How Our Tea Company Landed A Photoshoot with Hello Alice

Hello Alice

When I started Steepers Only, I wanted to share the story of the tea business with others. So, in February 2022, when I received an email stating that Hello Alice was looking for Chicago-based food and beverage companies to photograph, I responded almost instantly. After a few weeks, another email came through stating that Steepers Only was selected for the photoshoot.

What is Hello Alice?

photo credit: ascottphotography, Amy Scott

Hello Alice is an online platform that helps small businesses find the funding that they need to grow. Through their website, small business owners may apply for grants, loans, and now a Hello Alice credit card. The best part is that Hello Alice helps businesses prepare their applications for funding each step of the way.

On the day of the photo shoot, we met with photographer, Amy Scott. Amy travels around the U.S. to take photographs of food and beverage companies. You can check out more work from Amy by following @photography.ascott on social media.

Amy helped us to feel comfortable in front of the camera and reminded us to have fun.

Look at all the fun we had.


After the photoshoot, I was interviewed and got to share the values and mission of the brand with Hello Alice. 

photo credit: ascottphotography, Amy Scott

Working with Hello Alice was an amazing experience. The end result was a beautiful set of images and gifs to be used in Hello Alice’s training materials. Follow along our journey by visiting our website and find us on social media by following @steepersonly.

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